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The Impact Of Too Much Stress On The Body


The Impact Of Too Much Stress On The Body

November 17, 2012 @ 5:03 pm
by Tania

The Impact Of Too Much Stress On The Body

The function of the adrenal glands is to deal with stress.
Common Stressors
Stress can come in many forms. Some common stressors are:
• Divorce
• Moving house
• Changing job
• Illness
• Birth of a child
But there are many other stressors that occur on a daily basis, such as:
• Driving in rush hour traffic
• Getting the children ready for school
Stress And Your Thoughts
Of course how you think has a powerful effect on whether being stuck in a traffic jam is stressful to you. If you are totally OK and see it as a positive opportunity to listen to music, the experience will have very little negative impact upon you. If on the other hand you feel angry because you are going to be late for a meeting or your time is being wasted etc, then you will be experiencing a certain level of stress.
The effects of stress is accumulative. The adrenal glands within time can become overwhelmed by the amount of stress and can begin to function less effectively. This can results in many common symptoms, which include:
Common signs associated with exhausted adrenal glands
1. Low blood pressure
2. Muscle fatigue and weakness
3. Easily startled
4. Dizziness/ Fainting
5. Increased sensitivity to substances such as exhaust fumes
6. Heart Palpitations
7. Sweet cravings
8. Increased sensitivity to loud noises
9. Salt cravings
10. Breathing Difficulties
11. Development of allergies
12. Depression
13. Swings in mood
14. Constipation
15. Clenching or grinding of the teeth most commonly whilst asleep
16. Development of breathing problems, including asthma
17. Increased susceptibility to colds/flu
18. Sleep problems
19. Increased frequency of headaches
The above list is in no particular order

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