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Stopping Smoking

Stopping Smoking

November 17, 2012 @ 4:52 pm
by Tania
in Blog

You Know Smoking Kills. Why Can’t You Stop ?

How To Kick It By Tania A Prince

Illness And Smoking

It is estimated that approximately 50 million Americans smoke.

400,000 people are thought to die in America each year from smoking related causes. Yet even when smokers are presented with these figures they still smoke.

In the UK, it is estimated that 1/4 of the populace smoke, approximately 13 million adults. As smoking decreases in the older population the trend is increasing amongst the young.

Comparison of The Different Techniques For Stopping Smoking

There are many techniques available to help you stop smoking. But which of these is the most effective. In a scientific comparison of differing techniques used for stopping smoking (conducted by researchers at the university of Iowa, America), New Scientist reported that:

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking”

It is interesting to note that companies that produce chemical products, such as nicotine patches, also offer psychological help packages.

Physical And Psychological Addiction

When a person develops an addiction there are two components to it. One of these is a physical addiction to the substances themselves. The other is a psychological dependence. Surprisingly enough breaking the physical addiction with cigarettes is very easy. In fact if you think about it you sleep through the night for about eight hours without thinking or waking up for a cigarette. Yet when you are awake you may be a chain smoker, lighting one after the other. If the physical need was that great, you would wake up in the night. Any physical need dissipates within days.

Psychological need can go on for years. Hypnotherapists can eliminate with the psychological need.

Which Is The Most Effective Form Of Therapy?

There are many forms of therapy available today that all claim to help you give up smoking. The difference between them is the speed and ease with which they help. Another major difference is if they require will power in order to be effective. The most effective techniques do not require will power. Will power implies conscious effort. Habits and addictions are controlled by the subconscious mind. It is very difficult if not impossible to over power the unconscious mind by will power. A hypnotherapist works with the unconscious mind gaining its support. That is why smokers can generally stop incredibly quickly and easily when hypnosis is used.

Acupressure or acupuncture is also a technique widely used to help people stop smoking. It can be very effective. EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very advanced yet simplistic form of acupressure. Used with hypnosis or by itself it can be extremely effective and fast in helping a person quit.

EFT can be used to address the psychological and physical parts of the addiction. It is such a simple technique that the client can be taught how to use it during the session and if they need to use it after, they have a back up tool to help them get the result they want, and stop smoking.

I worked with a client a couple of years back to help her eliminate a chocolate addiction. It worked really well. When I phoned her up for feedback some time later she told me an interesting story. Her husband had recently given up smoking using the will power method. He was driving her “nuts”. So finally getting fed up, she said, “come on” and taught him how to do the technique. At first he felt a little uncomfortable, because if you’ve ever used EFT it is so simplistic you have to think “how on earth does this work”, well after he got over that thought he said to his wife, “your not going to believe this but it’s working”. She told me that was the moment when it really sunk in for her how powerful the technique was.

Will Power Versus Smoking

No contest, smoking will win every time. Some people actually think they have used will power when what they have really done is called reframing. Reframing is when you generate a shift in thinking about something. Reframing is the basis of all therapy. The thing is you generally can not just tell yourself to think smoking in a different way. It’s as if something has to “click” and suddenly you feel an automatic shift in your thinking.

A therapist who knows how to reframe, needs to get their timing right, but when you do the results can be spectacular. I generally do reframing whilst I’m using EFT it seems to work more effectively.

A client I worked with recently told me how he had made so many half hearted attempts to stop smoking, because he really didn’t want to stop. He was only doing it for the other members of his family. He liked smoking.

After going to the doctor about a medical problem something clicked inside of him and he finally decided he wanted to stop for himself, for his health. (Note, he wanted too, but he still loved smoking)

Even though he wanted to stop, he felt envious of others who were able to smoke. He tried to reason out that other smokers also probably wanted to stop, but it didn’t make him feel less envious, because it hadn’t clicked, he still needed to make an effort to think this and if you’d really been able to listen to his thoughts you’d have probably heard a big ….but….(I like smoking…you don’t really want to stop, you just don’t want to get ill), at the end of that thought. Working through the problem, it also became evident that he felt great loss at the thought of never being able to smoke again. He felt a tight feeling in his chest. The question becomes what was he losing? The nice feeling he had when he smoked. The one that relieved the tight feeling in his chest. The tight feeling that wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t smoked.

Long Term Effectiveness Of Hypnosis

T Von Dedenroth found that 94% of 1000 subjects were still not smoking 18 months after completion of hypnotherapy. 1000 Subjects were used in the trial. (American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy (1968)).

New Scientist, Magazine (October 1992)

A Personal Account, Stopping Smoking Using Hypnosis And EFT

“…..(It’s) normally such a battle with yourself (to give up smoking without hypnosis, but the) biggest thing I found was that I didn’t think about them anymore. I had no cravings. I felt more confident and calm in situations. Before I had often felt anxious going out, but after the session I felt more level headed. Usually certain triggers set you off, (but) there was just nothing. Interesting thing was that the underlying reasons were dealt with, not just the smoking……It’s just lovely …even my health problems have sorted themselves out. My nails were always brittle and weak and always cracked- now they are a lot stronger and my lungs are better……generally overall I’m a lot better”

JB , Macclesfield

Why do people smoke?

This is a very interesting question. There are many reasons why a person may begin to smoke, these include:

  • Trauma
  • Peer Pressure
  • Rebellion
  • Glamour

When people are under extreme stress they often look for ways of alleviating the anxiety. This can often lead to them taking up smoking. One client I worked with only began smoking in her forties when her husband was struck down with a major illness. She was under massive ongoing stress.

Stopping Smoking The Facts

Within eight hours: Oxygen levels in the blood return to normal and the concentration of nicotine is now halved

Within 48 Hours: Your sense of taste sharpens and nicotine is completely out of your body

10 Years After Stopping: The risk of having a heart attack has now diminished to the same level as a non smoker


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