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Sales Success

Sales Success

November 17, 2012 @ 4:54 pm
by Tania
in Blog

Keys to Sales Success

  • Identification of Blocks
  • Elimination of Internal Blocks
  • Skills training
  • Internal Programs

Your internal mental programming plays a major part in how successful you are in sales. Some of your programming works for you, but often many people have internal programs that hinder their success.

Internal Blocks To Success

The first step to becoming successful in sales is to eliminate any internal blocks to selling. In order to do this you need to begin to identify the internal programs and negative feelings running in your mind which are impacting negatively on your success.

For example, some people will put off making crucial phone calls because they fear being rejected/ turned down. Others may not make calls because they believe they will not succeed in selling the product in the first place.

A young therapist in Wales justified not being successful setting up their business, because “people where I live can’t afford my service”. This actually was their belief because they were totally taken by surprise when they did properly launch the business and found one of their initial clients commented, it was cheaper than they expected. Because of their negative belief their initial attempts to start -up had been a token effort. If you think about the belief in question, this makes sense, because what is the point in putting effort in, you are not going to be succeed anyway. So the belief acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy. They would have failed if the belief had not been pointed out to them and then would have just taken that as further proof that, “people where I live can’t afford my service”.

A couple of months back, when I was at a business lunch in Manchester a lady approached me and asked about whether her company could do some work on this website for me. The first thing that was obvious to me was she actually expected me to say no. Defeat was written over every muscle in her body. And I did say no. But the point is to sell a product or service you need to believe you can do it. You need to believe that people have a need your service. And you need to be enthusiastic about your product. These are all mental attitudes that can be developed.

Although some of our blocks we are aware of, many, we are not aware of, because they just seem like the truth. If you think about the case above where the therapist was setting up their business and had the belief, “people where I live can’t afford my service”. They believed this to be the reality of the situation. Beliefs are in fact just a feeling of confidence that something is true.

Changing Negative Beliefs and Feelings

Many people in the world still use very laborious techniques for changing their beliefs, but here are many methods which can change negative beliefs quickly, often within minutes. EFT™, TAT™, NLP, being some of the fastest techniques available in the world today.

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