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Public Speaking Skills

Confident Public Speaking: Skills Training

Why Chose This Course?

This course teaches some of the most effective techniques for mastering the art of public speaking. Some of the techniques have been derived and based on the methods used by some of the most masterful public speakers in the world today.

Who Should Attend This Course?

How can you engage your audience and draw them into your talk? How can you use your voice to gain rapport? How can you deal with difficult people in an effective way without losing rapport with your audience? How can you become a more effective communicator? This course is set up to answer those questions and more as it provides you with advanced techniques to set you apart from other presenters.

What Does This Course Include?

This course includes:

Developing Charisma

Charisma can make a massive difference to how well received the message you are conveying gets accepted by your audience. Throughout time, there have been many masterful speakers. The techniques taught on this course are based on the patterns used by all charismatic performers.

Story Telling

Storytelling can entertain an audience. This course deals with developing stories that can communicate your message more effectively.

Advanced Story Telling

As well as communicating your message more effectively, storytelling can be used as a tool to influence the mood of the audience. This piece of the course teaches you how to structure your stories to affect the state of your audience.

Body Language

Body language can have a powerful effect on the message you are communicating. This course shows you how to use your body language to compliment your words. Knowing this can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your presentation.

Protecting Yourself

 Many people when they stand in front of their audience feel vulnerable. There is, however, a powerful and simple technique that can protect you.