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NLP Practitioner Training

10 day intensive training (5 x 2 Day Modules)Manchester


5 x Modules – Dates to be confirmed later in 2013

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Why Should You Attend this NLP Practitioner Course?


  • This course can help you become a more effective communicator, improve your relationships with family, friends and business colleagues
  • It can help you feel the way that you want to feel, when you want to feel that way- enable you to become the master of your own state
  • It can help you shift the baggage that you have accumulated over your life
  • It provides the tools to empower you to create the life that you want to live
  • It will give you insight into why people do the things that they do
  • It will also give you the tools to empower your life
  • This training course is approved by the American Board of NLP
  • It is a fun, interactive course

What does this Intensive NLP Practitioner Course Consist of?

This course has been designed to provide students with an in-depth know of how to get results using NLP. It is structured in a user friendly format to make the learning process fun and easy. It contains practical demonstrations and student practice sessions. There is also provides plenty of opportunity for students to ask questions and explore NLP in depth.

  • The Presuppositions of NLP

These are the beliefs on which NLP is based.

  • Goal Setting

Having clear, effective goals can be a powerful determining factor in your achieving what you want in life. There is an art and skill to setting effective, achievable goals. In this part of the course we will be identifying what questions you need to ask yourself in order to define your goals and make them achievable.

  • Rapport

Learning the skills to enable you to gain rapport even with people who would generally be more challenging can greatly enhance the quality of your life. In this part of the course we will be exploring how to develop the skill to gain “instant” rapport with whoever you want, wherever you want, face to face or on the phone. Being skilled in the art of rapport can make a big difference in not only your own personal relationships but also many jobs require effective rapport skills including sales and management.

  • Pacing and Leading

Learning how to influence others is an important skill. Knowing how to pace and lead can be powerful tools in becoming an effective influencer.

  • Representational Systems

There is an art and skill to being an effective and eloquent communicator. Understanding how people think and process what is happening in their lives can help you connect and communicate in their “language”.

  • Submodalities

Understanding submodalities can give you a powerful insight into how the mind works. With that insight we can use powerful techniques that can create rapid change, we can break unwanted habits, access resource state  and change limiting beliefs.

  • Language Models

To become a masterful communicator you need to understand language and how to apply it. In NLP we have difference language models, Meta Model and the Milton Model.  The Meta Model was modelled on the work of Virginia Satir, a renowned family therapist who was highly effective in helping her clients achieve the results they wanted to achieve. The Milton Model (Hypnotic Language Patterns) was based on the well known hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.

  • Anchoring

Learn how to access positive feelings including, motivation, decisiveness, confidence when you want to and help others access their positive resource states

  • Strategies

Find out how other people make decisions Learn how to change your own mental strategies to ones that help you to achieve what you want

  • Reframing

This is the art and skill of using language to help change how a person thinks. It is a skill often used by effective therapists. It is also a powerful skill that can enable you to becoming more effective as a communicator.

  • Hierarchy of Ideas
  • The Fast Phobia Cure
  • How to Create and Use Metaphors
  • Pattern Interrupts

And Much More

Grants and Funding

Students based in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas maybe eligible for funding up to 60% of the cost of the course. Call or email us in order to be given more information about this option.

Also there maybe grants maybe available from Business Link for companies that fit their criteria, contact us for further information

Book on to the NLP Practitioner Course (This link will take you through to the registration site)


£1,300 Early Bird Rate

£1,400 Standard Rate

Payments can be made via instalments.