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EFT Course Level 3

Next AAMET Accredited EFT Advanced Practitioner (Level 3) Training Dates 2015, Manchester


Venue: YHA Conference Centre, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4NB

Course Investment: £250

Times: 10 am – 5pm on both days

Why Should YOU attend this course?

This is a cutting edge course that provides attendees with the latest developments in EFT. It provides plenty of hands on exercises that allows student to develop their skills in a safe environment. Tania as one of the 29 EFT Masters has a wealth of experience using the techniques with complex cases and is an experienced EFT Trainer with over seven years experience of running courses.

As one previous attendee of this course said, “…it takes EFT to a new level…”. Advanced EFT is a very proactive approach.

What Will You Learn On The EFT Level 3 Course?

This is a highly in depth course, that is followed by a year of supervision. The aim of this course is to help students reach an extremely high level of competency in gaining results with clients using EFT. The course includes multiple practice sessions.
To attend this course, students must already have attained an EFT Level 2 Certificate.

Reframe Models

Reframes enable therapists to shift stuck thought processes. How to develop and embed reframes that get results. Reframing is an art and skill in and of itself. This course covers simple patterns for learning powerful reframes, such as the consequences reframe, counter examples etc.

Developing Your Intuition

Techniques for developing your own intuitive abilities

Working With Parts

Methods for bypassing resistance to change

Language Patterns

This course covers the very latest ways of using language in EFT to help create even faster change. From permissive to direct.

Hypnotic Language and EFT

As an internationally recognised trainer in hypnotherapy, Tania has incorporated methods of applying hypnotic language patterns with EFT making it even more powerful. These methods will be taught on this course.


Combining EFT with NLP can dramatically increase the results you achieve, as an NLP trainer Tania brings a breadth of NLP knowledge to this course, making it easy for attendees to incorporate it into their practice. NLP is a therapy in and of its own right. This course covers how to integrate powerful NLP techniques with EFT. No prior knowledge of NLP is required.

EFT and the Inner Child

Inner Child work can create profound change for clients. Learn how work with the inner child to get deep and lasting results.

Course Trainer- Tania A Prince

Tania is an EFT Master and has extensive practical experiencing using EFT within her two busy private practices in Cheshire, England as well as over the phone. She was also one of the first fifteen people from around the world trained by Gary Craig’s in advanced methodologies.

Requirements to attend course

Students should have attended an EFT Level 2 course, prior to attendance at this course. If you would like to check that this course is appropriate for you, please contact Tania (please include your email address) or phone 01625 520016

Course Fees

Contact Tania for course fees and details. A course manual will be provided.


Completion of the two day course leads to an Attendance Certificate (Level 3)

To gain the full Practitioner (level 3) Certificate the student must agree to comply with the guidelines of the AAMET certificating body. These guidelines currently ask that students do three case histories at a level 3 standard in order to gain the advanced certificate.