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I have had the pleasure of experiencing many of Tania’s training and personal development courses. She is not only highly effective, fantastically engaging, profoundly knowledgeable, but also completely empathetic to your individual needs and requirements. Her training not only stretches you on a number of levels, but it’s also tremendous fun!
Without question, Tania is one of the very best in her chosen vocation; I completely and totally endorse her skills, qualities and attributes.

John Doyle
Managing Director, John Doyle Associates.
Chief Fire Officer Cleveland Fire Brigade 1997-2010


It is important to have a quality trainer who is not only thoroughly knowledgeable but patient, learner centered and able to have fun. Highly recommend Tania for her skill as well as her lovely personality. She has trained me to trainer level of EFT and Inner RePatterning so (I) have had many experiences of being in her classroom and love going back for more.

Maureen Fearon
Personal Development, Emotional Management & Training, Confidence Building & Relationship Success.