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Public Speaking Tips

November 17, 2012 @ 4:50 pm
by Tania
in Blog
The mind going blank and losing track of where you are in the presentation is a common symptom of fear of public speaking. During a good presentation, there is a logical order to the topics that you present. This order allows your audience to follow the concepts and ideas you put to them. This enhances their ability to understand your presentation. One of the symptoms of fear of public speaking can be that your mind goes blank or your miss out a section or two of your presentation. This can make it difficult for people to understand your presentation. At [...]

How to Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

November 17, 2012 @ 4:32 pm
by Tania
in Blog
This statement is both true and false. For some people facing their fear will lead to them overcoming it. For others, it is the worst thing that they could do, as continually putting themselves into a traumatic position merely intensifies their fear. Worst case scenario is that the problem increases, their initial intense nerves leading to panic attacks. The reason for this is that if the intensity of the fear is great enough when you push yourself through a presentation, your mind just stores the experience as another trauma, confirming that public speaking is dangerous.  The Better Option: Overcome Your [...]

Fear of Public Speaking

November 17, 2012 @ 4:29 pm
by Tania
in Blog
Fear of Public Speaking Fear of public speaking is often referred to by many different names, including: Performance Anxiety; Stage Fright; Panic; Phobia of Public Speaking; Speech Anxiety; Speech Phobia; Shyness. The article below gives information on this condition as well as identifying some of the most effective techniques for treating it. One Of The Most Common Fears It is recognized as the greatest fear in America and the UK, even greater than the fear of dying Increasing Exposure Due To Western Work Practices Increasingly in modern western society we are being called upon more and more to speak in [...]